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Dr Omer Fleissig 

Orthodontics Expert

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My Services

יישור שיניים בקשתיות שקופות (invisalign)

Orthodontics with clear aligners (Invisalign)

יישור שיניים לילדים

Teeth straightening and dento-facial orthopedics for children

גשר קוביות שקופות

Orthodontics for adults

גשר לשיניים

Orthognathic treatments

הלבנת שיניים

Teeth whitening

קיבועים קבועים ונשלפים

Fixed and removable retainers

Why Us

מומחה מטעם המועצה המדעית של משרד הבריאות

Orthodontics Expert certified by the Ministry of Health’s Science Council

אורתודנט - ניסיון של טיפול במאות מטופלים

Hundreds of treatments experience

מומחה ליישור שיניים בדרגת Platinum בשיטת אינויזליין

Platinum level orthodontist with the Invisalign system

גשר שקוף בשיניים

Custom and personalised treatment for each patient

אורתודנט מומלץ במודיעין

New and modern technologies

מענה מיידי לעזרה ראשונה

Immediate responsivity to first aid requests

About Me

מומחה ליישור שיניים בטכנולוגיית אינויזליין Invisalign

In contrast to other dental treatments, orthodontics is a relatively long process that consists of numerous meetings.

That’s why choosing the right orthodontist is such an important decision!

In addition to the fact that you should choose an expert, you should also choose an orthodontist who is professional, reliable, pleasant; one who respects your time and strives to achieve a perfect result.

In addition to these qualities, which Dr. Fleissig possesses, he’s also his patients’ favourite, creates a calm, confident and pleasant atmosphere during the treatment, finds the patient’s motivation and channels it toward the treatment’s success.

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We have the newest technologies

סורק אינטרא-אוראלי - מומחה ליישור שיניים בטכנולוגיית אינויזליין Invisalign

Intraoral Scanner

כסא דנטלי נגיש ומתקדם - מומחה ליישור שיניים בטכנולוגיית אינויזליין Invisalign

Advanced, accessible Dental Chair

מומחה ליישור שיניים בטכנולוגיית אינויזליין Invisalign

CBCT 3D Imaging

Success stories

מומחה ליישור שיניים בטכנולוגיית אינויזליין Invisalign

Questions and Answers

According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) – at the age of 7!

Any dentist allowed legally do orthodontic treatments


Not every dentist is an orthodontics specialist!

An orthodontics expert is a dentist who studied orthodontics 4 more years (in addition to the 6 obligatory years any dentist goes through) and by the end of it, underwent a theoretical and a practical exam under the supervision of an examining committee, elected by the Ministry of Health, consisting of the best orthodontists in Israel, who have examined his knowledge and skills and decided that he is qualified to become an orthodontics expert.

Invisalign is the name of an orthodontic product which uses clear aligners that are planned and created digitally and are worn by the patients on their teeth.

The aligners are switched every 7 to 10 days, and this way the teeth gradually straighten until the smile is absolutely perfect.

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Of course!

In the last years, we are witnessing a steady rise in the number of adults (above the age of 18) who want to undergo orthodontic treatments, and for this reason exactly new systems of treatment have been developed to make the orthodontic proccess more aesthetic and comfortable.

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To be honest, these are questions you should ask any doctor before starting an orthodontic treatment:

  1. Are you an orthodontics expert?
  2. Where did you do your residency and for how long?
  3. Could you show me cases similar to mine, that you treated in the past?
  4. How many different treatments are possible in my case?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option?
  5. How will the treatment affect the appearance of my face and my lips?
  6. How will the treatment affect my daily life?
  7. How much time will the treatment last?
  8. How frequently will I have to visit the clinic?
  9. What are the risks of this treatment?
  10. What will I have to do after the treatment, to keep final result as much as possible?
  11. What will we do if problems arise during the treatment? Who should we go to for first aid?

Dr Omer Fleissig runs the orthodontics forum of the website BeOk and can answer to all your questions online!

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