Fixed and removeable retainers

Whether you believe it or not – the teeth’s position inside the mouth changes constantly throughout life, because the teeth are always moving!

Just like the sight and the hearing grow weaker with time…

Just like the colour of the hair grows whiter throughout the years…

Just like the skin gets lines and wrinkles with time…

So what do we do to avoid the displacement of teeth after we reached a perfect result during the treatment?

Very simply – retainers!

קיבוע בשיניים

There are two types of retainers:

Fixed retainers – which are essentially metallic wires or chains that are glued from the inner side of the teeth (from the side of the tongue) onto the front teeth (the incisors and sometimes the canines as well) and keep the placement of the teeth intact throughout the years.

Removable retainers – which are essentially removable plates, which come in various types.

These plates are put on at night while you sleep, and keep the placement of the teeth intact througout the years.

A common question I get asked a lot: “How long should I wear the retainers you gave me?!”

My answer is – as long as you want to keep the result of the treatment, you must have something keeping the placement intact (either fixed or removable retainers).

If you think about it, it is just like hair colour or wearing glasses: As long as you want to keep the colour – you have to keep colouring it… As long as you want to see clearly – you have to wear glasses…

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