Teeth and jaw straightening for kids

Straightening children's teeth

When it comes to children, the orthodontist should check not only the upper and lower teeth and the way the occlude with other, but also the jaws relations to each other .

Since children are constantly growing (girls do until 16, and boys until 18), if a wrong ratio between the jaws is found, it is possible to take advantage of the body’s natural continuous growth in order to improve the ratio between them, and therefore maximise the treatment’s success (that is how the name was created: Teeth and jaw straightening).

Teeth and jaw straightening can include, at the primary stage of the treatment, various removable plates, head gears and more – it all depends on the type and severity of the ration between the upper and lower jaws.

At the second stage, the treatment usually consists of permanent braces, either white or silver – that is up to you.

And the best part – during each visit, the kid gets to choose a different colour for the rubbers of their braces, and even combine multiple colours!

יישור שיניים ולסתות לילדים

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