Teeth Whitening

Or to be more precise – you should say “teeth brightening” and not “teeth whitening” because by the end of the treatment, the teeth aren’t white, but simply brighter compared to what they’ve been before.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment which brightens the colour of the teeth using a special product (similar to the way hair colour is brightened using hydrogen peroxide).

Teeth whitening can be accomplished with a home treatment (using a low-concentration version of the product) or with a clinical treatment, which uses a higher concentrated version of the product, and therefore has to be supervised by a qualified doctor.

Just like with hair colour, the result is not permanent, and might fade after a year, two or three, depending on the patient’s personal hygiene and diet.

The whitening is damaged if there is no proper oral hygiene, if the patient drinks and/or eats food that tends to colour the teeth (such as black coffee, for example) and, obviously, if the patient smokes!

Another important thing that you should know about teeth whitening is that it can brighten only natural teeth and can not brighten “white” dental fillings or dental crowns and such.

That means that after the whitening process, if there are any existing dental crowns, fillings, prosthetics, laminates/veneers, they will have to be replaced with with ones that have matching colour or alternatively one should take into account that not all of the teeth are going to be of exactly the same colour…

Before completing the whitening process, first you have to make sure that there is no active caries and take care of it immediately in case there is.

In addition, prior to that, a preliminary process of removing stains from the teeth is performed (similar to a dental hygienist’s treatment), and only after that you can start the whitening process.

The main side effect of this treatment is high sensitivity to heat and cold which may appear during the treatment and last a couple of days after it.

What is the price of a teeth whitening treatment?

The prices vary depending on the type of the treatment and the current state of the teeth, you can call and get a price quote with a detailed explanation directly on the phone through one of the clinics.

In order to minimise the sensitivity, you should use a special tooth paste for sensitive teeth (ask me and I’ll recommend you some).

For further questions – you can ask me when we meet.

הלבנת שיננים מודיעין ואשדוד
הלבנת שיננים מודיעין ואשדוד
הלבנת שיננים מודיעין ואשדוד
הלבנת שיננים מודיעין ואשדוד

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