Invisalign – Orthodontics using clear aligners

7 reasons you should chose Invisalign's clear aligners treatment

So you’ve decided to do an orthodontic treatment, but you really don’t want to blind anybody with your metal silver braces that might affect your smile’s confidence during the treatment…

Are there other options?

Of course!

One of the most popular ones among the services I offer, is the innovative orthodontic treatment – Invisalign’s clear aligners

In this article I will explain why Invisalign’s clear aligners treatment is better in many ways than clear or hidden braces:

Treatment result forecast

Any treatment involving Invisalign’s clear aligners starts with planning a 3D digital model that can predict the treatment’s result, which can be shown to the patients for feedback before even starting the treatment.

These predictions aren’t possible with clear and/or hidden braces.


Using Invisalign’s clear aligners, the orthodontic process is nearly invisible and much more aesthetically pleasing than that of a clear braces’ one.

It is true that hidden braces are completely hidden (and therefore are even better in terms of aesthetic looks), so the clear aligners aren’t the best option there is aestheticly speaking, BUT they are still very aesthetically pleasing, especially in contrast with the hidden braces’ disadvantages, which I will talk about later on.

Oral Hygiene

Unlike clear/hidden braces, which are glued permanently to the teeth during the treatment (which leads to accumulation of bacteria in the area around the braces and make brushing and cleaning the teeth harder), Invisalign’s clear aligners treatment allows you to take off the aligner when you brush your teeth, and do it normally.

In addition, you can use a regular dental floss, while with braces glued to your teeth, you would have to use special dental floss or other cleaning devices (which are way more complicated to use).

Comfort during the treatment

The clear braces might cause irritation in the area of the cheeks and the lips.

The hidden braces might cause pain and irritation in the area of the tongue (which take about a month getting used to).

Unlike them, Invisalign’s clear aligners are smooth and are attached tightly to the teeth, which causes minimal irritation (or none at all), which gives them a huge advantage in comparison to the other options.

Treatment Duration

It is a proven fact. The duration of the treatment with Invisalign’s clear aligners is shorter compared to the same treatment using braces (clear or hidden).

The reasons for this are many and we will discuss them in future posts, but experience proves that the duration of the Invisalign treatment is much shorter compared to the alternatives.

Less Visits

If you choose the Invisalign treatment, the treatment progresses as you put on the next aligner.

Unlike that, when you have braces, you can not move forward with the treatment on your own.
Which means that theoretically, (only theoretically!

Do not rely on it too much) if you choose the clear aligners, we might only have to meet 2 times. At the beginning of the treatment, and at the end.


The Invisalign clear aligners treatment is not cheap, and the reason for that is the high cost that the company charges the orthodontist.

But – and it’s a big but – it is important to understand that unlike the clear and hidden braces, the clear aligners’ cost consists of, among other things, the number of aligners the company is required to print for the treatment (the braces’ cost stays the same for both short and long treatments).

Therefore, and now please read carefully, orthodontic treatments that are relatively simple and short might be cheaper if they’re accomplished using Invisalign’s clear aligners in comparison to clear/hidden braces.

So, there you have 7 huge advantages for Invisalign's Invisalign
clear aligners over braces

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